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Capes and Masks Optional

Your event flyer sets the tone. Having a stylish, professional design assists in the magic of professional wrestling.

Commonly, wrestling flyers often take a backseat to talent payoffs, ring rentals, and venue costs.

Because of this, many wrestling promotions may have an amazing in ring product that attracts few fans due to their MS Paint flyers.

Invest in your event in the most vital way, reserve your $40 flyer.

Get The Word Out and

Bring The Fans In

Your social media marketing strategy has to tell a story. The invaluable importance of listening to your market has never been more critical.

Wrestling flyers are a great vehicle for physical placement and in digital social marketing. But you must go the extra mile to push the ' Why? ' factor.

Why Your Show? Why This Saturday? Why Not Stay Home and Watch WWE Network?

Social media provides the advantage to access your market beyond the show, and go deeper than just a wrestling flyer.

Locally in the Phoenix Arizona area, I offer video support and direct hands on social media marketing.

With sustained relationships with AnarchyPro Wrestling in Chicago, Illinois, I can also provide consultations and wrestling flyers across the globe.



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