Kirk M Collins Freelance Design

Offering unbeatable prices for quality freelance web design and marketing services has always been my calling.

Phoenix Arizona's growing economy has several small to medium sized businesses that benefit from digital marketing solutions offered at a fraction of other professionals.


Since relocating to the Phoenix area, various valley organizations have benefited from my marketing direction and services.

My first visit to Phoenix Arizona deserts

Initially arriving in late 2016,the need for quality, affordable marketing solutions for Maricopa county became evident, especially with the unprecedented growth sustained over the last decade.

As this growth shows no sign of contraction, understanding and addressing the need for quality promotional direction and graphic design solutions remains my ultimate goal.

The mission revolves around providing my freelance design services at a cost that minds the budgets of valley companies.

Graphic Design Services

GrindDesign Logo Example AnarchyPro Wrestling

Having graduated from Robert Morris University with a B.A.S. in Graphic Arts, applying fundamental design principles to achieve attention grabbing results becomes second nature.

Adapting to market demand, both print and digital design solutions are offered.

Some of my most popular design solutions are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Logo Design
  • Photo Correction / Manipulation
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Printed Flyers
  • Printed Business Cards
  • Large Format Stickers
  • T-Shirt Designs
  • Window Decals
  • Event Invitations / Greeting Cards

GrindDesign Banner Design Example AnarchyPro Wrestling

My passion for Graphic Design began at an early age, driving me to become a freelance designer before completing my college coursework.

Web Design Services

Being self-taught in HTML at the age of 12, this self-education continues whenever a client requests a feature outside of my wheelhouse.

GrindDesign Web Design Example AnarchyPro Wrestling

This method affords a culture of constant learning that strengthens many cognitive skills in addition to my web design skill set.

Recently working with responsive websites has commanded much of my time, developing into fully functional sites with mobile devices in mind.

GrindDesign Web Site Design Examples

Despite the sometimes tedious nature of designing websites in this sort of environment, there lies great value in having total control of the source code.

Many sites that are created in programs like Wordpress, WiX and Squarespace often have troubled code that negatively impacts their standing in search engines, particularly Google.

All of the websites produced by GrindDesign have a strong emphasis on load speed and search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search Engine Optimization from GrindDesign Phoenix

Initially a component of my web design service, the importance of optimization has now become an independent service.

Unfortunately, many folks who design websites have zero grasp of proper search engine optimization and how to optimize a site around actionable keywords.

Upon arrival in Phoenix, my early employment resulted in finding a mentor with an amazing knowledge of SEO.

Working with my mentor to develop new traffic opportunities on social media allows hands on experience with writing search engine minded body copy.

With this experience, the task of assisting other organizations by optimizing their existing websites or creating new web design projects with integration of search engine minded content has become omnipresent in my life.

Often inexperienced SEO professionals will simply stuff keywords on the bottoms of their pages, or even in hidden elements of the website source code.

These tactics may garner short term results, but are ultimately a weakening factor in Google's overall ranking analytics.

Social Media Management

My career in social media management started during the implementation of Facebook Business Pages.

At the time my freelance work revolved mostly around the website for a Chicago area fish supply store.

As soon as Facebook made it possible for businesses to list their companies on their social media stream, all indicators appeared that opportunities would be plenty.

Now social media marketing has become a major factor in the advertising and customer service platforms of several businesses.

Currently employed by an east valley firm in the capacity of social media marketing manager, which encompases all aspects of the social streams for multiple websites and brands.

This includes managing the following platforms

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

The benefits of the HootSuite platform to manage all of these social streams allows for planning weeks in advance, never missing a post

The digital marketing opportunities afforded by good social media management were unfathomable only a decade ago.

The direct connection organizations have with customers and supporters helps grow brands faster than any other method.

It's my belief that our President's 2016 election heavily benefitted from direct social media engagement on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Imagine the results that await your organization through social marketing.

Video Production

Upon joining the east Phoenix firm the journey began for my leap into video production.

While working only litely in video for a few Chicago clients and during my college studies, recently my focuses and efforts have shiftly heavily to video.

YouTube's position as the 2nd largest search engine on the internet directly relates to our fascination with video.

Whether it be entertaining, educational, or both - video gives our audience a chance to interact with brands.

Through video interaction, viewers get a behind the scenes look at your organization, which has bred a generation of spokesmen that birthed the social influencer movement.

Countless YouTube creators poorly execute the SEO of their videos, neglecting to treat these meta aspects of their video as they would their website.

This allows channels with few subscribers and cumulative views to easily rank for strategically targeted keyword phrases.

Google has integrated YouTube video results in many of the search results given for millions of keyword phrases, which serves strategically targeted content very well.

Many Creators have been vocal about the diminishing monetizing opportunities on the current YouTube platform.

Most successful social influencers have used YouTube as a way to establish their brand, expertise and drive sales off site rather than relying on AdWords payouts.

Working in this capacity has allowed my mastery of the Premiere Pro CC aspect of Adobe Creative Suite, which has the power to make any video production stand out.

Digital Marketing Works In Tandem

The world's biggest companies have lived and died by their digital marketing strategies.

As humans consume more content through digital devices, critical steps must be taken by every organization planning for a future place in this market.

While 20 years ago it may have been acceptable to let your nephew run your website, social media and internet marketing now in many cases act as a brand's most prominent voice.

Many business owners fear having exposure on the internet and social media due to the unpredictable critical nature of some users.

Strategic social media management will not allow preserve a reputation, but with great customer service, likely improve company perception as a whole.

Having eye catching graphic design, functional responsive web design, search engine optimization all integrated in a proactive social media marketing strategy results in impressive growth for any organization.

While many of these successes may come 3 to 6 months down the road, the sooner your organization becomes active in the process, the sooner the reward.

Miracles Of Managing Social Media Full Time

Training an entire office of social media marketers in Cebu, Philippines widened my perspective and their continued results have enriched my own self expectations.

Growing a Facebook Page from 520 likes to 19.2K likes and counting with ZERO ad spend proves that investments are less financial than most expect.

Constant battling with Google has forced the learning of how to navigate the growing restrictions of YouTube Community Guidelines while beating 5 out of 7 appeals over flagged content.

Experience in social marketing has shown the power of listening rather than speaking on social media and how it gives customers a confident voice in brands they love and support.

Through hours of work, research, collaboration and contemplation, the realization that social media marketing has become the lifeblood of thriving companies around the globe became apparent.

Ignoring this fact diservices any other efforts a company could put forth.

The Contact Sport of Social Media Marketing

The pads are off and so are the gloves. If you're considering leveraging social media marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, you'll have to be willing to go all in.

Lukewarm efforts will do little to improve your standing and may ultimately weaken you overall position.