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What Does SEO Mean To Your Organization?

When I mention SEO to colleagues, typically "What's that?" follows as their response.

Search Engine Optimization drives the internet. Without proper on page optimization, a web site will be dead on arrival. There are many issues regarding search optimization, especially the snake oil salesman nature of many agencies claiming to be SEO experts.

Since arriving in Phoenix, Arizona in 2016 - I have worked closely with SEO experts everyday in my career as a social media marketing manager.

My mentor has trained me in proper search optimization techniques that drive organic search, often leading companies to abandon the Google AdWords platform in favor of their newfound increased traffic and sales.

Organic SEO Results

How Do I Know If My SEO Works?

I recommend using 3rd party products like SEMRush to research and measure common metrics associated with search engine optimization.

Typical SEMRush Results Page

The most important metrics in my opinion are rank, frequency of search, and keyword competition.

Digital Farming Through An Optimized Website

I often relate the concept of farming to my Phoenix SEO clients, because each keyword we target should be looked at as a seed.

We plant the seed by targeting the keyword with content built around the topic.

After 3 to 6 months, we begin to see our rank improve for this keyword, in most cases resulting in placement on the first page of Google.

Once we have achieved a rank within the top 10 of the Google search results returned for our targeted keyword, we begin to harvest returns from our efforts. Like a farm, a good harvest requires planning and preparation.

Without dedication to producing logical, targeted traffic - we should not expect any rewards to come our way.

When It Sounds Too Good To Be True, Run Away

I don't believe in selling people dreams. Search engine optimization will work, and many keyword phrases are still attainable through organic means.

Many SEO professionals promise prospective clients the top spot on Google in an unrealistic time frame.

In my experience, 3 to 6 months would be a realistic expectation for anyone looking to rank in Google's top 10 results for an attainable keyword phrase.

I have achieved this many times over with a variety of clients, and unlike many others in this business, have the evidence to back up my words.

Unfortunately, many of my Phoenix SEO clients find me after they have already been deceived by another agency.

I have heard many web design sales professionals telling clients they can be number one on Google in a matter of days.

Without paid placement through Google AdWords or an already large amount of organic traffic, this does not happen. Ever.

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Whether your site has been around years or you just uploaded your first page, I can provide an in depth analysis of how your site ranks in Google, and suggest steps to improve these metrics.

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I don't need any commitment from you, only the website address and I will begin work immediately.

I don't think anyone should be preyed upon by SEO professionals selling promises they can't deliver.

Together we can go over the results of your search engine optimization analysis and I will explain, in the simplest terms, how to improve your standing in this crucial area of your business.


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