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eFlyer Marketing Innovations

eFlyer Marketing Allows Innovation

eFlyer marketing has become an innovative way for organizations to get their message out through email and social media.

I've taken a drastically different approaching to the eFlyer concept by incorporating video and audio into the mix.

Most would call this simply a video, but the eFlyers I produce look and feel like traditional flyers, only with the added benefits of being an electronic rendition.

This method helps keep a consistent theme between the print and electronic flyers, which helps maintain an organization's branding.

An eFlyer also bypasses many of the constraints put on text filled images on social media.

Social Media HATES Text On Images

Did you know social media hates when you share images full of text?

An eFlyer made in video can capitalize on this as social media has yet to penalize videos with large amounts of text.

This solution has assisted many of the eFlyers I've produced, especially in the realm of sporting events.

When promoting online, we cannot expect that the same attributes that make a print design successful will apply.

With YouTube as the internet's second most successful search engine, adding audio visual effects to your eFlyer should be something you consider immediately.

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