Social Media is a Contact Sport

Social media marketing serves all who use the platform correctly. To market your organization effectively on social media, you must avoid the largest pitfall : self-promotion.

While this may appear to be counterproductive to the ultimate goal of converting sales, you must first recognize the general nature of social media. No one likes a show off.

Jealousy and envy are traits that none of us wish to experience, but as we scroll our favorite social media feeds, we often view a friend's trip to Paris with utter resentment.

We may not own these emotions anywhere outside of our own brains, but the feelings are still easy to encounter.

A Practical Social Media Marketing Success Formula

Because of this, we as social media marketers must also follow the same formula when attracting our consumers.

Rather than blinding our audience with sales offers, new product announcements or company updates, we need creative and indirect marketing strategies.

Providing valuable, relevant, interesting content will ultimately maintain engagement. The closer the content relates to the needs of your clients, the more likely you are to be a constant stopping point in an already cluttered environment.

Social Media Marketing in the Future

I say that 'social media is a contact sport' because the phrase pertains to all levels of the market.

We must maintain contact with the customer, the critic, the workforce, and the pulse of the ever evolving realm of social media.

What drives results now will weaken very soon.

Kirk M. Collins

Corporate social media marketing director by day, social media marketing man by night. The one man gang of GrindDesign Social Media Marketing of Glendale, Arizona. Wrestling fan, toy collector, classic rock enthusiast.