Make Your Own Damn Logo

I don't like making logos for others. I can do it, but I rather not. I believe the personal depth required to make a logo means it should be designed by the owner.

This does not mean a full blown, Adobe Illustrator vector file needs to be produced by the owner, who likely has no clue what that would entail. But, I believe whoever the logo represents should be the creative force behind the piece.

What Should Comprise Your Logo?

Seems like a no brainer, I'm sure. But, I have branded and re-branded GrindDesign at least 3 times since 2007. I have changed the direction from being a web design company to an event flyer company to a social media marketing company that does all of those things.


Each time I (thought I) needed to rebrand.


First, what type of logo you want should be considered. My logos tend to usually be wordmarks, or a logo that relies on typographical (fancy word for text) based elements to convey branding. These types of logos are best for company names that convey what type of services are offered.

Other types of logos include lettermark (think CNN or UPS) , brandmark (Nike 'swoosh' , the Apple ' apple') or an iconic logo design, which incorporates elements from any of the other 3 types (the NBC 'peacock' design).

I believe the owner of the logo should make the decision on what type of logo best fits their organization. This does not mean a graphic designer should not consult and help flesh out the idea, but the owner knows their own company best.

What Programs Are Best For Making Logos?

The obvious graphic designer answer would be Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw, as these programs output vector based files, which are different than the raster based graphics output from popular photo editing softwares like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.


Vector Vs Raster

A vector image has a binary numerical equivalent, which means the composition can be made as large as a billboard or as small as a business card. This type of file works best for a logo because it will need to be implemented into any medium you intend to use to promote or market your business.

Raster graphics are pixel based and cannot be resized much larger than their original dimensions. If you have limited resources and must use raster based graphics, I recommend making the resolution 300 dpi and work in an area no smaller than 5000 x 5000 pixels.


Making Your Own Logo Without Software

In my home state of Illinois, Menard's has cemented itself as an authority in the hardware industry. Able to remain competitive amongst the likes of Lowe's and Home Depot, Menard's has become a midwest staple for many years.

In addition to their gigantic bags of roasted peanuts, the iconic Menard's logo draws my immediate attention. While I cannot prove this for certain, I swear this logo was created with a Sharpie marker on a napkin.


This should not be taken as an insulting criticism of Menard's longstanding logo, but rather an example of why the latest technological tools are not always needed when creating a logo.

I am sure many other major corporations have similar histories with their logos, and for a fact know that MTV created their logo physically without the assistance of computer software.

This old school approach may be the best option for a company that doesn't need overly complicated logos.

Where Do I Find a Logo Focused Graphic Designer

Logos are something I do but they are not my passion. My clients have been happy with their logos but those jobs were taken because of loyalty to the client.

I charge $40 for a logo. Some people charge more, some people charge less.

You can find many graphic designers on the upstart, or simply by surfing around Instagram under hashtags like #logodesign or #graphicdesigner

You will see very talented artists offering examples of their latest logo designs, and can easily reach out to them directly through their social media stream.

Feel free to Email me any ideas for a logo you may have and I will give you my opinion on what you have. Please allow time to receive a direct reply of this nature.

Kirk M. Collins

Corporate social media marketing director by day, social media marketing man by night. The one man gang of GrindDesign Social Media Marketing of Glendale, Arizona. Wrestling fan, toy collector, classic rock enthusiast.