Greatest Wrappers Alive - Why Burger King Reigns Supreme

Since childhood, I've always loved Burger King's design sense.

Their wrappers always amazed me. Maybe you're not as observant of what your food comes wrapped in, but the packaging at Burger King has always been remarkable in my opinion.

As a kid, I remember that their Kid's Club meal used to have a bag that had a compartment where the toy would be slid in. This allowed the toy to be visible directly under the Burger King Kid's Club logo, which I found to be impressive as a 5 year old.


The fact that they branded an entire lineup of characters in the Kid's Club also appealed greatly to me as a child. I found their characters to be more identifiable, rather than the larger than life make-believe citizens of McDonaldland.

Beyond the nostalgic emotions that are tied to the Burger King Kid's Club, I greatly admire the wrappers that are still in use to this day, largely unchanged from the early 90's. I always found it cool that Burger King went to such lengths to create custom icons for each condiment and component on their sandwiches. Maybe everyone has not noticed this.


They soon began adding custom wrappers for limited time sandwiches, and writing quirky descriptions on the wrappers, below the name of the sandwich. I find this to add to my eating experience at Burger King and probably can be pointed to as one of the reasons why I like the King better than McDonald's, other than the superior taste I believe Burger King has.

I love the menu boards at Burger King and the different branding they do for new items and limited time additions. Even if I don't order all of the off the wall creations at the Burger kingdom, as a graphic designer I marvel at the cool graphics and awesome packaging they continually provide their customers.


A good example of their branding influencing a purchase in my life happened with the way they marketed their Grilled Dogs line of hot dogs. At the time I lived in Joliet, Illinois which has several iconic, legendary hot dog joints that greatly dwarf any offering from a chain restaurant

But the color in the menu board images for this odd addition, coupled with hunger created the perfect storm to make a purchase that I kinda knew would not live up to the hype.

I can only remember that the grilled dog was way too salty and essentially a national attempt at the institution of Chicago style hot dogs.


I never bought another one. I think I may have just purchased the grilled dog out of curiosity as to how Burger King would package this new item. I was not disappointed in that wrapper! I do regret not trying the Whopper dog just because it looked very strange.

The different variations on the Whopper were also very innovative. I am a big Angry Whopper fan and even it's diabolical brother the Angriest Whopper caught my taste buds. More often than not, these weird limited time items have amazing branding, cool wrappers, and sometimes even a themed bun.


I probably should not have written about this topic after having a light dinner, but I believe that Burger King's redeeming quality lies in their innovations. Sadly, I believe Burger King makes light of their competition with McDonald's too often, which will always make Burger King seem to be second fiddle.

One of my colleagues tells me that he heard McDonald's spends countless dollars and man hours on scouting out new locations for their restaurants, while Burger King will simply go a block away from that new McDonald's. Think of every Burger King you have ever visited. Chances are it's pretty close to a McDonald's.

As my site begins, I am obviously not being paid by the King to write such an observative blog, but I implore all graphic designers to stop by Burger King. Take in their detailed branding and design, I find their devotion to art rather inspiring in my own pursuits.

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Kirk M. Collins

Corporate social media marketing director by day, social media marketing man by night. The one man gang of GrindDesign Social Media Marketing of Glendale, Arizona. Wrestling fan, toy collector, classic rock enthusiast.