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Donald Trump is Master P

Yes, Donald Trump can be compared to many people, but I find crazy parallels between Trump and No Limit Records founder, Percy "Master P" Miller.

As an adolescent, Master P's No Limit Records took immediate command over my boombox. Growing up in Joliet, Illinois, an East Coast rap influenced area, Master P's "Ghetto D" and "Da Last Don" were two of my favorites.

As an adult, one random night scrolling Master P's Instagram feed when I should have been writing a blog, I realized that the Ice Cream Man actually has much of the same makeup as The Donald.

Self-Made Moguls Despite Unlikely Odds


I am not going to research this very much but my understanding of Master P's rise to rap royalty goes as follows. He moved to Richmond California, learned the independent rap game from the Bay Area, and established a physical record store, which he named No Limit Records.

Upon moving back to New Orleans, Louisiana he began pressing his own releases like "Mama's Bad Boy" and "Get Away Clean", eventually leading to one of the most lucrative independent distribution deals for No Limit through Priority Records.


Donald Trump, as an apprentice under his father Fred Trump, learned the construction and real estate game managing his father's properties in Jamaica Queens and other New York City boroughs. Fred Trump was content with building in communities like Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, and the Bronx. Donald had his eyes on building in Manhattan.

My basic understanding regarding Trump Tower's construction comes through Donald's own words in the Art of The Deal. Essentially it seems that Trump acquired a distressed property by finding financial backing and using this backing to leverage insane tax benefits from the New York City government.

He basically flipped the deal with zero of his own dollars, whilst maintaining substantial ownership over much of the building.


No Limit Records and The Trump Organization - A Family Affair

Both Master P and Donald Trump have a track record of heavy family involvement in their business ventures.

Master P had the services of his brothers Corey "C-Murder" Miller and Vyshonne "Silkk The Shocker" Miller as rappers on his No Limit roster, both of whom went on to be multi-platinum selling artists.

Also joining No Limit Records were Master P's son Romeo "Lil'" Miller and his daughter Cymphonique Miller. They too enjoyed platinum records, films, and television shows thanks to their association with their father and No Limit Records.


With the Trump Organization, it had been a family affair before Donald was born. Fred Trump took over the reigns of the family business at a very young age after his father died. Working with his mother, Fred built an empire that he intended to pass on to his own children.

Donald did likewise when it came to his own family. All of Donald's adult children, Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. work at the Trump Organization. Trump took it to a level some consider to be a conflict of interest when he began appointing his family members to high ranking positions within his White House.

This should be no surprise to anyone who studies Trump, as it only validates what he has always done regarding his business.


I personally believe that if Master P were ever elected to President of the United States, we would see a cabinet that included his family members as well as many of the No Limit Soldiers that helped P make southern rap great.

Industry Shutouts

I believe that both Master P and Donald Trump were shut out by their own industries. Living in Illinois, Master P was rarely heard on rap radio. Silkk the Shocker enjoyed some success on Chicago radio with "It Ain't My Fault" and his feature in "Movin' On" with Mya, but No Limit Records was largely ignored on mainstream corporate radio, at least where I grew up.

Both shared the disdain of leaders in their industry. Master P's No Limit Records represented southern hip hop, when few people outside of the south had interest in the genre. Rap-A-Lot Records had a Texas stronghold with the Geto Boys, but by the mid-90's, that had slightly subsided.


Trump had the old money of New York City looking down upon him and his vision for Manhattan. Since Trump's father had essentially grew his own wealth, the old money figureheads saw Donald Trump as an outsider who had no business building in their backyard.

Looked down upon by the establishment in New York City, Trump was largely ignored or dismissed until he put his name in giant gold lettering right in the face of his critics.

Master P similarly did this through his constant output of music, which sold unprecedented units considering the lack of national radio support.

Brands Makem Dance - Master P and Donald Trump Put Their Names On Everything


They both had food items, clothing lines, starred in film or television roles, and even their own action figures. Trump and Master P made quite a bit of their money off licensing their brands for a variety of products.

Master P branded No Limit into a film studio, toy line, and even his own potato chips. Donald Trump too lended his face to the big screen to promote his brand, made the Apprentice a huge series, sold steaks, wine, clothing line and even a short lived airline.

Also similar between these two moguls were the many failures of these side brands, that largely detracted from their initial focuses.

Still, Master P and Trump never shied away from a dollar to put their mugs on a product.

Never Forget Where They Came From - Giving Back To The Community


Master P and Donald Trump both have given immensely back to the community and other communities in need.

Both considered to be two of the wealthiest businessmen in their respective fields, P and Trump recognize the people who made them who they are, and regularly give back to charities and social causes.

Much of the giving for both individuals does not get blasted across the media, as often they will do the good deeds without recognition or public acknowledgement.

With the upcoming biopic on Master P, it will be interesting to see if No Limit Records has a resurgence in popularity. He definitely went against the odds and came out on top. You should follow his Instagram account, as P outputs constant wisdom, high energy / high value posts that inspire this author regularly.

I would not recommend following Donald Trump's Instagram feed, as though you may find inspiring posts from time to time, often the output features negative bashing of people Trump disagrees with, which will add little to no value in your daily life.

Let me know what your thoughts are at my Email and I will see how I can help you reach your dreams.

Kirk M. Collins

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