3 Overlooked Details When Starting a YouTube Channel

Having started, maintained, and grown YouTube channels for many different clients in my 9 to 5 work, there are very important elements that must be considered before even registering with YouTube.

What Will Your Channel Be About?

Most ideas become successful when there are goals and purpose at the foundation. With YouTube, researching these ideas may be the most time consuming aspect.


For example, if deciding to review retro video games in a comical fashion, many may urge you to reconsider. Some believe James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd has this market cornered. But what market doesn't he have cornered?


There are many niche components of retro video games that can be broken down. Let's say we decide to review only the music from these games, or the specific developers behind the titles.

Just because there are countless game review channels on YouTube, does not mean ours cannot be a success. Stand out from the pack and give viewers a reason to choose our video.

There are many things that have become cliches on YouTube, but with an effort towards originality, our channel can surely coexist and thrive in any category.


Get Your Graphics On Point

Nearly 80% of my client's traffic, which is around 200K views per month, comes from "Suggested Videos". While the title has a lot to do with enticing a viewer to click, much CTR (click thru rate) success can also be attributed to great thumbnails.

Our thumbnails should be images that are in our video. If we use a clickbait image as a thumbnail, our actual engagement rate may suffer because people leave the video so quickly after clicking.


The engagement rate also suffers because the viewers are less likely to interact with the video through comments, thumbs up or down, or shares if they spend very little time viewing the content.

Many YouTube Creators constantly use sexy thumbnails to give perspective viewers the idea they may be able to see something they shouldn't. The YouTube Community Guidelines are very specific about misleading thumbnails, and they will eventually lead to our channel being completely banned from YouTube if the Guidelines are continually disregarded.


Getting a handle on our graphics also includes our YouTube Channel page. Making sure we have a clean, engaging header image that gives visitors an idea of what our channel's purpose involves helps viewers decide to subscribe.

Most upstart YouTube channels take zero consideration regarding their channel homepage, but all successful channels have very impressive homepages


Know Your Resources Well

Familiarize yourself with the resources YouTube makes available. This includes playlists, end screens, live streaming, and monetization

Current YouTube Creators have been outspoken about recent changes to YouTube compensation policy through the monetization program, as many have experienced dips in their usual payouts.

YouTube should be just one component of our marketing strategy, even as a blogger or vlogger. Ultimately we are aiming at building brand authority through our amazing YouTube content, rather than depending on it as a full time revenue source.

End screens, incorporated with our own ending call to actions are an invaluable resource. YouTube Creators are able to drive subscriptions through call to action buttons, as well as send traffic to other videos on their channel(s).


Once we've amassed a large subscriber base, Live Streams add an immense amount of value to our channel. Providing our subscribes and other viewers an opportunity to interact during the stream, we can better engage existing subscribers while likely driving more casual viewers to become devotees.

Closing Thoughts on Starting a YouTube Channel

There are so many topics to cover in regards to establishing a YouTube channel, but these 3 aspects are what I find to be the most overlooked, even by the most seasoned YouTube Creator.

If you have any further questions feel free to Email me and I will respond the best I can to your questions.

Kirk M. Collins

Corporate social media marketing director by day, social media marketing man by night. The one man gang of GrindDesign Social Media Marketing of Glendale, Arizona. Wrestling fan, toy collector, classic rock enthusiast.